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“It’s really an industry problem, and it’s time for people to examine their consciences for what films they green-light. The scale of films is too narrow.”

Professor of Cinema Joseph McBride on the diversity controversy at the Oscars
L.A. Times, Jan. 29, 2016





"As a stage performer, [Prince] managed to pull together so many eclectic elements, a tapestry [of] incredible stage design, lighting, makeup.”

Professor and Chair of Music Dee Spencer
San Francisco Examiner, April 21, 2016




Drawing of corn


“Mexican cookbooks, a lot of them have been written by white chefs … To have a discussion around Mexican food from a Chicana perspective is interesting and exciting to people.”

Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies Catriona Rueda Esquibel, co-author of “Decolonize Your Diet”
L.A. Times, April 22, 2016



Dr. Esteban Burchard



“It allows us to move the needle of science toward social justice, and that's a beautiful thing.”

Dr. Esteban Burchard (B.A., ’90), calling for more genetic studies in non-white populations
BuzzFeed, May 11, 2016





Susan Courey


“If a student can clap out a beat based on a time signature, why aren’t they adding and subtracting fractions based on music notation? We have to think differently.”

Susan Courey, associate professor of special education (GCOE), on incorporating music principles into teaching math
The Washington Post, April 26, 2016



Photos top to bottom: iStock, Courtesy of Arsenal Pulp Press/Veronica Perez, Courtesy of UCSF/Noah Berger, Courtesy of Susan Courey


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