SF State Magazine Spring 2007 ~ New Releases: Publications and recordings from faculty and alumni.

The cover of the Spring 2007 SF State Magazine features two penguins, heads bent together as they view their offspring on the ground below.

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New Releases

 Jack Welpott's Indiana Photographs, 1936-1959."Professor Emeritus Jack Welpott chronicles his years in Bloomington, Indiana, with black-and-white photography and personal anecdotes in "Driving to Stony Lonesome: Jack Welpott's Indiana Photographs, 1936-1959" (Indiana University Press, '06). Welpott taught photography at SF State from 1959-1992.

The cover of Jacob Needleman's book, “Why Can't We Be Good?”In his latest book, "Why Can't We Be Good?" (Tarcher, '07), best-selling author, philosopher and religious scholar Professor Jacob Needleman explores the question: Why do we repeatedly violate our most deeply held values and beliefs?

 Bluestockings, Sex Kittens and Co-Eds, Then and Now” features a turn of the century co-ed."College Girls: Bluestockings, Sex Kittens and Co-Eds, Then and Now" (W.W. Norton, '06) by Lynn Peril (M.A., '95) examines both women's history and popular culture to explore the role of female college students from the turn of the 20th century to today. The book includes photos from SF State's 1947 Sadie Hawkins Day festivities.
A photo of jazz artist George Duke on the cover of his CD "In a Mellow Tone.""In a Mellow Tone" (Bizarre Planet, '06), the latest recording from veteran jazz artist George Duke (M.A., '75), features both traditional standards and new songs, including a slightly rearranged version of Duke Ellington's "In A Mellow Time," Frank Loesser's "Never Will I Marry," and "So Many Stars" by Sergio Mendes.
A vintage photo of children at play-- one seated on a tricycle the other astride a scooter, illustrates the cover of Jeff Rosedale's CD, "Ooboo's Pancake." Inspired by such artists as Alex Degrassi, Billy McLaughlin and Leo Kottke, singer/songwriter/guitarist Jeff Rosedale (B.A., '89) has released his first CD, "Ooboo's Pancake" (Rosey Records, '06), a collection of acoustic guitar instrumentals.
The cover of Paul Hoover's poetry collection, “Edge and Fold.” "Edge and Fold" (Apogee Press, '06) is the latest collection of poetry from Paul Hoover, professor of creative writing and co-editor of the journal New American Writing. The collection includes a poem dedicated to the late Robert Creeley.
 Women Write about the Mexican Experience,” by Camille Cusumano. "Mexico, A Love Story: Women Write about the Mexican Experience" (Seal Press, '06), an anthology of essays edited by Camille Cusumano (M.A., '77), includes her tale of a retreat to the village of San Blas following grueling study at SF State for her master's degree in French.
A woman in a skirt carries roller skates while walking a dirt road, on the cover of the Nona Caspers book, "Heavier Than Air." Winner of the Associate Writing Programs' Grace Paley Prize in Short Fiction, "Heavier Than Air" (University of Massachusetts Press, '06), a collection of short stories by Assistant Professor of Creative Writing Nona Caspers (M.F.A., '95), focuses mainly on desire and survival in rural Minnesota.
A photo of beach stones on the cover of the book "Beach Stones."Photographer/installation artist Josie Iselin (M.F.A., '94) celebrates the beauty of rocks found along the seashore in "Beach Stones" (Abrams Books, '06). The collection of portraits of pebbles from around the world includes details about the forces of nature that shaped the stones.
A photo of Barkley a springer spaniel on the cover of "Barkley a Dog's Journey."When their beloved English Springer Spaniel was diagnosed with a terminal illness, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Al Martinez (attended '49-'51) and his wife Joanne Cinelli (attended '49-'51) decided Barkley still had plenty to see and do. "Barkley: A Dog's Journey" (Angel City Press, '06) describes the trio's 3,000-mile road trip.
A black profile of a man set against a turquoise photo of a shorline on the cover of the book  "Grace Period."Set in the Central Valley of California, "Grace Period" (University of Nevada Press, '06) by Gerald Haslam (B.A, '63; M.A., '65) is the story of two 60-something cancer survivors, both divorced Catholics, who marry and make the most of what remains of their lives—in spite of objections from both their children and their church.
A drawing of a brown sea slug on a gold lace-like design on the cover of the book "Caribbean Sea Slugs.""Carribean Sea Slugs: A Field Guide to the opissthobranch mollusks from the tropical Atlantic" (Sea Challengers Natural History Books, '06) by David W. Behrens (B.A., '71; M.A., '73), Angel Valdes, Jeff Hamann, and Anne DuPont is a colorful guide to the nudibranchs and sea slugs of the Caribbean and Southeast U.S.
Photo of Stephen Johnson with his camera as well as a turquoise image of a glacier he photographed on the cover of his book "Stephen Johnson on Digital Photography. ""Stephen Johnson on Digital Photography" (O'Reilly Media, '06) by Stephen Johnson (B.A., '77; M.A., '82) provides a practical, in-depth introduction to digital photography complete with color photographic examples and illustrations.
A photo of the dessert with a cut out turquoise diamond shape with the title of the book "Oasis.""Oasis" (Counterpoint, '06), a novel by Laureen Vonnegut (attended '86-'87), follows the journey of Lili, a young Russian woman who breaks free from a life as a captive wife only to face more daunting circumstances when she is surrounded by inscrutable characters in the dry and dusty Sahara.
A raven sits atop the hilt of a sword on the cover of the book "Grim Legion."Grim Legion (Bewildering Press, '06) by Jack Alcott (B.A., '80) is a murder mystery based upon the little-known fact that Edgar Allan Poe was expelled from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 1831, after six months as a cadet. Alcott fills in where the historical record leaves off.