SF State Magazine Spring 2007 ~ A Message from the President

The cover of the Spring 2007 SF State Magazine features two penguins, heads bent together as they view their offspring on the ground below.

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SF State President Robert Corrigan

Powerfully big things often start very small. Consider, for example, that just 55 delegates attended the United States Constitutional Convention, framing what is arguably one of the most inspiring documents of modern times. In these pages, you'll read many examples of words, movements and decisions that started small and grew into something that transformed the lives of countless others. Of how one author stepped onto campus to offer a workshop, and word by word a leading center of creative writing took shape. Of how one dancer turned her focus to at-risk youth, to teach steps that entertain and empower. Of how one hospital volunteer's promise to a dying man led to summers of "regular" kid fun for hundreds of children diagnosed with cancer. Of how one scared young girl can join eight other African-Americans to make nine -- the Little Rock Nine -- and claim a place in history. You'll read how just a few degrees of global warming can put a species at risk, and just how many painstaking drawings it can require to make a single minute of dazzling film animation. You'll learn the huge number of practice hours it takes for a humble state university's debate team to out-talk the best of the Ivies, and get a sense of the many tough questions a researcher must pose to make gains in young people's self-esteem, confidence and successes. Together, these individual portraits paint a picture of something much larger. They illustrate the "something special" that happens on the SF State campus, that inspires people to step up, take action, and make a difference. It is one of SF State's greatest strengths, and as stated in our strategic plan, at the heart of our number one goal: to demonstrate commitment to the core values of equity and social justice. Call what this University collectively stands for "San Francisco values," or call our perspective the "San Francisco State of Mind." We are equally proud of both. On May 26 we encouraged more than 8,000 graduates to carry these values into their personal and professional lives. Consider the many small steps, words, gestures and decisions of which these men and women are capable -- and the collective impact that they can have -- and one truly comprehends the value of San Francisco State University.

Sincerely yours,

President's Signature
Robert A. Corrigan