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Letters to the Editor
Editor's Note:
Special thanks to alumnus Dale Perkins for donating posters of his "City by the Bridge" watercolor painting to SFSU Magazine. In the Winter 2004 issue we offered one in exchange for each letter to the editor we received.

And thank you, readers. We appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts with us regarding the last issue. We still have a few posters to give away -- so keep your letters coming!

A Life Changed
More times than not when I receive my copy of SFSU Magazine it goes into my reading file, but the image of the hands on the front cover of the latest issue prompted me to read the cover story right away.

I have three close relatives who are more than 80 years old and one faces chronic health problems. I am relieved to know that special individuals exist today who volunteer their valuable time in needed hospice situations.
David Van Wart
B.S., '89

The story, "A Life Changed," by Professor Goldberg was inspirational -- especially his words, "Serving gives purpose to life."
Daniel Bockelmann
M.A., '81

Beecher, Ill.

As a sociology graduate, I appreciated the latest cover. My 20-year career at the San Francisco Department of Social Services began in its Old Age Assistance division. I made home visits to elderly persons who needed assistance in the single-resident occupancy hotels of downtown San Francisco. Forty years ago that could have been my younger hand cradling those of a senior citizen; now the older hands are mine.
John F. Kohler
B.A., '63
Daly City

This issue had two items that I read aloud to my wife: "A Surprising One for the Gipper," simply because
we are admirers of President Reagan, and the cover article, which I also plan to share with a friend who works in a hospice. Professor Goldberg's essay was more than informative; it was moving. Thank you for publishing it.
Charles D. Cox
M.A., '65

The essay by Stanley Goldberg touched my heart. My mother passed away a year ago at 92. The people who cared for her, employees and volunteers, were very kind. Since then, I have been thinking of volunteering at a hospice or nursing home. After reading Professor Goldberg's essay, I will.
Patricia Radosevich-Coia
M.A., '79

Thank you for the magnificent article, "A Life Changed." The existence of the hospice movement has been of immeasurable help not only in grieving the loss of friends, but in helping me understand that one need not face terminal illness alone and helpless. After reading Professor Goldberg's words, I fear death less.
Kari Ann Owen
M.A., '74

Gators, Gators Everywhere
In the last issue, I noticed a letter mentioning a run-in with a fellow Gator and was reminded of a recent experience I had in Honolulu.

On a bus tour of Pearl Harbor, I encountered a young woman wearing a San Francisco State sweatshirt. I smiled and nodded my head.  She looked at me as if I had a contagious disease. When I approached her and said that I was a graduate of State, her face lit up and she returned my smile.

Turns out the trip was a graduation present from her parents. We had a pleasant conversation. It was refreshing to know that we Gators are everywhere.
Clarence W. Bryant
B.A., '79; M.A., '81
San Francisco 




In Good Company
I love the Class Notes sidebars. If there is one place to look for an amazing pool of talent, it is certainly San Francisco State University. As a recent grad, I feel honored to have completed my degree among such inspiring folks. Thanks for showcasing them.
Maria E. Allain
B.A., '03
San Francisco

I read the latest issue of your excellent magazine cover to cover. I particularly liked the Class Notes. So many alumni have gone on to bigger and better things in life and it all started at State. I can't wait to read about more of them in the future.
I am about to enter graduate school at the University of Purdue where I will study educational counseling. I dream of making a significant impact in the field. Reading about my fellow alumni gave me hope that one day you'll have reason to write about me.
Kevin Chang
B.A., '03
West Lafayette, Ind.

I've enjoyed reading every issue of SFSU Magazine but I read the latest one in record time. I didn't put it down until I finished.So many life-changing people made a stop at SFSU; as a fellow alum, that fills me with pride and admiration.
Kelly Sanchez
B.A., '95

A Family Affair
Our two grandsons are presently freshmen at SFSU. I'm making sure they see the article, "Online, Not In Line." That kind of information will certainly make the transition to college life much easier. All four of our children have benefited from their SFSU education and are successful in their careers. We are certain the third generation will do as well.
John W. Whisman
B.A., '52; M.A., '54
San Francisco

Bon Appétit Indeed
How fortunate the campus community is to have a fine dining restaurant ("Bon Appétit"). I'm a graduate of the family and consumer science program, a registered dietician and a certified chef -- so I can appreciate all the hard work that founder Janet Sim and chef Daniel Honan must do each day to satisfy customers. I certainly plan to visit the Vista Room when I return to San Francisco.
Wenise Chapel
B.S., '97
St. Louis, Miss.

I enjoyed the article about the Vista Room in the latest issue. I plan on taking my mother there when we visit later this year. Things have certainly improved on campus since I was a student in the '60s!
Patricia Kelly Winston
B.A., '66; M.A., '70
Athens, Ga.

Nostalgia for 19th and Holloway
"SFSU Campus Turns 50" revived memories of those good old days. My family and I moved to on-campus housing from our apartment on Fell Street in 1953. What a wonderful change of environment it was!
Charles Rank
B.A., '57; M.A., '63
Laporte, Ind.

My memories of my time on campus -- studying teaching, nursing and dance; working, falling in and out of love and establishing some of the most important relationships in my life -- are strong and happy ones. SFSU is a great school and your magazine reflects that.
Kas Pilon
B.S., '85
Redwood City

Acting with Jeffrey Tambor
Regarding your article on Jeff Tambor, I was in two acting classes with him at State. We wound up doing several scenes together including one from Tennessee Williams's "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." Jeff was a very powerful actor even then. It's good to know that such a nice guy can make it in Hollywood. Thanks for the article -- it brought back fond memories.
Bob Squaglia
B.A., '64

An image of the cover of the last issue of SFSU Magazine which features a younger-looking hand reaching out to those of an elderly patient in a hospice
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