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Aerial view of a huge flock of migrating geese


“ The sense of freedom in the birds is so inspiring to see. The world is so glorious from above.”

Jassen Todorov, School of Music profess, pilot and photographer on taking aerial photos of migrating geese
Wired, March 15, 2017



“ To me this is like an awakening, that I only have one shot in life, and Im going to go out there more determined than ever.”

— Assistant Professor of Journalism Sachi Cunningham on her refusal to let a cancer diagnosis keep her from one of the things she loves most: big-wave surfing
The San Francisco Chronicle, Dec. 24, 2016


Cheryl Dune


“ So many national and international events have taken priority over diversifying our movies. There's a challenge now around entertainment and what people want to be entertained by. Theres a lot of safety and retreat.”

— SF State Assistant Professor of Cinema Cheryl Dunye on the diversity of this year's Oscar nominees
The Oakland Post, Feb. 6, 2017


Aerial view of a huge flock of migrating geese


“ Calexit is saying, 'We're California, and we're better than them.' Just as Trump instinctively defines people who are not white as people who are not American, the Calexit people are instinctively trying to do the same thing.”

— Associate Professor of Political Science Jason McDaniel
San Francisco Magazine, Nov. 18, 2016


Aerial view of a huge flock of migrating geese


“ Ecologists are often accused of having physics envy because physicists model things and come out with simple models that have strong explanatory power ... But that doesn't mean there aren't underlying principles [in biology] that drives the patterns that we see.”

Karina Nielsen, director of the Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies, on the distribution of sea snails in California tide pools
Bay Nature, March 20, 2017