Spring/Summer 2009


Proessor Dennis Desjardin holds a clump of manuer with a mushroom.How Does it Feel?

To win a Pulitzer, nab an art thief, discover a new species, compete in the Olympics, swim with sharks, find a planet, design the overall look of a movie, hike 2,650 miles, conduct a symphony or save a life? Live vicariously through 10 alumni who know.


A stack of books from the summer reading list.Summer Reading

Looking for a good book? SF State alumni and faculty keep publishing novels, nonfiction and memoirs. Check out the latest offerings, including bestsellers and recipients of starred reviews.


Illustration of a hand by an ear with dashed lines signifying the incoming trail of sound.Sorcerers of Sound

Meet the alumni who twist and tweak snippets of audio to produce effects so realistic, you?d swear they came directly from the image on your movie screen.
By Anne Burke