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“Focusing too much on big goals can be more daunting ... But with smaller goals, you constantly see progress, which is motivating.”

Professor of Psychology David Gard on why motivation wanes when making healthy lifestyle changes.
Shape magazine, July 12, 2016



Michele Eliason



"A simple group program can have major impact on a woman’s sense of well-being. We can take control of our own health and help each other as a community.”

Professor of Health Education Michele Eliason, contributor to a national study showing that group interventions improve health for aging lesbians and bisexual women.
Edge Media Network, Sept. 4, 2016




Jason McDaniel


“We know that campaign ads tend to have minimal effects on persuasion and turnout. Whatever effect they do have is short term, fading away after several days at best.”

Professor of Political Science Jason McDaniel.
Slate magazine, July 16, 2016



Krishtine de Leon



“As one of the first Pinay MCs ... I really had to give something that Filipinos could be proud of. I didn’t want to represent a message that I didn’t feel like could further the progress of our people.”

Alumna Krishtine de Leon (B.A., ’12), a rapper known as Rocky Rivera who leads a program fostering youth organizing and activism.
East Bay Express, Oct. 12, 2016




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“I think it's part of your obligation as a citizen of this country to express your dissent and your views. It's a sign of a democracy to tolerate and encourage opposite points of view.”

Professor of Communications Joe Tuman, commenting on peace demonstrators traveling to the Democratic National Convention.
Marin Independent Journal, July 24, 2016




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