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Small rodent

“ I’m so thankful for the work of scientists before me that have allowed us to answer important questions about how mammals evolved. Today, I collect specimens so that scientists 200 years from now can answer questions we haven't even thought to ask.”

Elizabeth Carlen(M.S., ’15), lead author of a study of elephant-shrews that helped elevate the animals from subspecies to full species status, Aug. 2, 2017



“ One of the biggest deterrents to happiness is that we adapt to our situations — you buy your house and it has a beautiful view, but at some point you stop deriving pleasure from it.

— Assistant Professor of Psychology Ryan Howell

The New York Times (and dozens of other media outlets), Aug. 23, 2017



United States represented by a diverse group of people

“ The big question is: What's America? Who's an American? What are the values that America embodies? What does it mean to be an American? Are we a multicultural, multiracial, open society? Are we more of a white Christian version? That's partly what's being asked and being answered in these different ways with different laws, policies, movements.”

— Associate Professor of Political Science Ron Hayduk on a proposal in Maryland to let noncitizens vote
The New York Times, Aug. 10, 2017


Gerardo Gomez


“ We are more than just immigrants. It’s more than just our identities; we are human beings and we have many complicated layers.”

— SF State political science major Gerardo Gomez, who could face deportation if the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program ends
El Tecolote, Sept. 4, 2017