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Photo of Dina Eastwood.

"San Francisco State has the finest broadcasting school that I know of," says former KSBW news anchor Dina Eastwood. "It changed my life, made me a professional." Photo courtesy of E! Entertainment

Dina Eastwood's (B.A., '88) life has changed dramatically on several occasions. First, when she discovered SF State after stints at four different colleges and finally found her calling in the Broadcast and Communication Arts (BECA) Department; next when she was assigned to interview Clint Eastwood in 1993 and ended up marrying him three years later; again a few years ago, at a Queen revival show in Johannesburg, South Africa, when she first saw the a cappella group Overtone and was brought to tears by their voices; and finally when she decided to "adopt" the entire band, bring them to the U.S., manage their career and deposit them into Clint's spare house in Bel Air.

It's about to change again. This summer E! will air "Mrs. Eastwood & Company," the reality show that chronicles the day-to-day life of Dina, her two daughters and the six members of Overtone. "My intention is to share Overtone with the world," says Eastwood of the group her husband hired to do the soundtrack for his movie "Invictus." "What people will also see is that what they could imagine is a very glamorous life, is really a very normal life; we clean animal poop and shop at Marshall's," says Eastwood.

The distinctly down-to-earth Eastwood entered the reality TV world with what seems to be her customary enthusiasm and without a hint of trepidation. "I didn't understand the workload. Six days a week, ten hours a day. I thought that reality TV characters popped in and out three hours a day. I had no idea. I didn't get how intense it was," she says from her home in Carmel.

And what did her Hollywood legend of a husband think of having a camera crew in his home? "He was very supportive," she says. "But this is not Clint's show. He's not trying to get into reality TV. He's done a few scenes with me as a favor."

Now that filming is over, she can't wait for what's next. "It's going to be a fun, even-keeled show, the comfort food show of reality TV," she says, explaining that the Eastwoods are not dysfunctional and there won't be any sordid activity.

Eastwood is no stranger to TV. After graduating, she entered broadcasting, eventually working as a news anchor for KSBW-TV in the Salinas Valley and Monterey Peninsula. During return visits to campus, where she served on the BECA Advisory Committee, Eastwood didn't appear to have been changed by success, says one of her former professors.

"She's always stayed funny and lighthearted," says Professor Michelle Wolf, who recalls Eastwood as "a bright light" in a large "Media and Social Issues" class. "I knew whatever Dina decided to do, she would be successful," Wolf says, and that goes for her new TV show, too. "I think Dina will show skills and strengths that people haven't seen."


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