Cover of the Spring/Summer 2020 SF State Magazine

SF State Magazine Spring/Summer 2020

The Spring/Summer 2020 issue was really on target, especially the insightful “Faces of Transformation” articles. They were quite inspiring.

Donald McPhail, B.A., ’66

When I took my minor in the College of Ethnic Studies while majoring in Physiology it set the foundation for my future graduate studies on Public Health at Morgan State University, and I sincerely thank the ever-so-amazing Angela Davis and the late Robert McGhee for giving me a great lesson on race in America. Studying public health and incorporating their wisdom has been an amazing journey!

Ludmilla Wikkeling Scott, B.S., ’94

Editor’s note: This comment appeared on SF State’s LinkedIn page in response to an episode of the NPR program “Code Switch” that highlighted the University’s pivotal role in the development of the ethnic studies field.

Thank you for the article exploring individual terms’ history and nuance as a part of one’s commitment to a community’s liberation. I wonder what change would come if more of us took the time to delve more into these words. After reading, I’ll begin to make it my responsibility to remain curious and flexible in my learning of (and application of) words. Staying relevant is an added bonus to being backed by a community.

Cristina Cabiles, B.S., ’14 (Health Education) and current M.S. in Counseling graduate student

Editor’s note: This comment appeared on LinkedIn in response to an SF State News website article about Journalism Chair and Professor Rachele Kanigel’s pioneering work on “The Diversity Style Guide.” Want to learn more? The article — and many others about inspiring University faculty members and programs — can be found on the SF State News site.

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