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SF State Magazine: Fall/Winter 2019

The Fall/Winter 2019 issue was great! Thank you!
Sophia Hutson Wambach, B.S., ’82

I just received and browsed through your Fall/Winter 2019 issue. Very nice. I enjoyed reading the alumni/alumnae profiles on pages 17 through 24. I would like to ask that you consider doing a piece on Alex Borstein, who is so wonderful in Amazon’s “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” She’s a joy to watch and apparently attended SF State in the 1990s sometime.
Jim Bergmann, B.A., ’95

Editor’s note: Borstein (B.A., ’92) reminisced about her time at SF State and how it helped launch her career in an overview of alum comedians in our Fall/Winter ’17 issue (“Laughing Matters”). We’re very proud of her successes, however — she’s won Emmys, Screen Actors Guild Awards and Critics Choice Television Awards! — and have considered featuring her in the magazine again. Readers — let us know what other Gators you’d like to see spotlighted in our pages.

In your Fall/Winter 2019 issue, you identified Professor Emeritus of Geography & Environment Max Kirkeberg as raising more than $1M for AIDS Walk San Francisco. The accurate fact is that the St. Francis Lutheran/SF State Geography team raised over one million dollars together. Max was the captain of the team all those years.
Erica Maciel
Academic Office Coordinator
SF State Department of Geography & Environment

We apologize for leaving out the big picture when writing about Professor Kirkeberg, a result of condensing his accomplishments into a brief item for our “In the News” department. An in-depth look at his contributions to AIDS Walk San Francisco — and those of his SF State and St. Francis Lutheran teammates — can be found online at

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