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Woman in low rider car

Photo by Matthew Leland

“Lowriding is part of not only San Jose’s social and cultural fabric, but a global worldwide phenomenon that is celebrated as artistic and an expression of cultural pride.” 

—Lecturer in Latina/o Studies and History John Ulloa (B.A., ’00; M.A., ’03; M.A., ’07), San Jose Spotlight, July 1, 2022
“I chose SF State to be my second home because I feel a sense of belonging. … This has been an incredible journey.”

 —Fayeeza Shaikh, Associated Students representative and Biology major, speaking at Convocation, Aug. 17, 2022
“Whether or not pain experience exists in animals outside vertebrates is quite a controversial proposition. ... We suggest that octopuses feel, and are capable of feeling, the same thing.”  

—Associate Professor of Biology Robyn Crook, The New York Times, Aug. 27, 2022
“The U.S. situation is that you need to prove yourself with English before your multilingualism is seen as an asset. It’s tied up a lot with views on immigration, on race.”

—Professor of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Betty Yu, National Public Radio, Aug. 3, 2022
“In a world that will often try to withhold truth from us, thank you  for showing me how to imagine better.”

—Lillian Giles (MFA, ’22) speaking at Commencement, May 27, 2022
“People are influenced by their parents, their caretakers, the community they’re surrounded by. But we also see a trend where younger people tend to speak … a lot like their friends, not like their parents. There’s the teenage rejection of adults or antagonism towards whatever the old people are doing.”

—Assistant Professor of Linguistics Teresa Pratt in a discussion of whether or not Californians have an accent (Her verdict: Yes!), KCRW Features, Aug. 26, 2022