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Illustration of a tiger
“We have been living in the shadows of a great evil, the pandemic. And I think 2022, the Year of the Tiger, will be a year when there will be movement towards driving out that evil.”

—Professor of Asian American Studies Jonathan H.X. Lee in an article about the Lunar New Year and Chinese mythology
NBC News, Feb. 1, 2022
“The class was able to open my eyes to misconceptions that public schools taught about our history and the system that I am locked within. I was able to learn things about society and my own culture that I had not known before.”

—a 17-year-old student from the Ventura Youth Correctional Center on SF State’s new Ethnic Studies program for incarcerated youth
North Coast Journal, Feb. 11, 2022
“I’m excited because I am an immigrant. Being Mexican, a gay, open man … I think it’s important to allow me to give back to my community and to give a voice to people that are not represented.”

—SF State student Andy Damian-Correa, who recently became a U.S. citizen after five years as a refugee, on the University’s new Bilingual Spanish Journalism degree program
El Tecolote, Feb. 10, 2022
“We’re already forgetting the pandemic. I foresee, at best, a long struggle about whether we will remember [it] at all.”

—Assistant Professor of Anthropology Martha Lincoln on what the 1918 flu epidemic can teach us about how COVID will be remembered
CBS News, March 6, 2022
“One of the inherent powers of film and television productions is it allows for the expansion of broader horizons [and] …we need more voices that amplify the social significance of life on the margins.”

— Artel Great, assistant professor of Critical Studies and the George and Judy Marcus Endowed Chair in African American Cinema Studies
The Guardian, Sept. 28, 2021