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3 rabbit statues posing in a field of flowers

Photo Courtesy Tomás Del Coro

"The rabbit is a very strong symbol for peace."

—Asian American Studies Professor Jonathan Lee on Lunar New Year and the Year of the Rabbit, NBC News, Jan. 20, 2023
"SF State was the only place, especially in the sciences, where I didn’t feel like the sole person of color that was in the room in conversations."

—LeRoy Robinson (M.S., ’12), lecturer of Biology and associate medical director of Prohealth, SF State News (, Oct. 28, 2022
"In Gator athletics we emphasize that no matter what ... we want to ensure that we go to bed at night feeling like winners to the core; that student-athletes are succeeding in the classroom, the community and in their personal connections.”

—Director of Athletics Stephanie Shrieve-Hawkins, Athletics Administration, December 2022
"It’s a bad assumption that you know what hunger looks like. To be honest, we were all lucky we made it without this service.”

—Horace Montgomery (B.A., ’99), Associated Students assistant executive director of productions, on the Gator Groceries food pantry for students, KPIX-TV, Dec. 20, 2022
"I have no doubt that this bot will improve in its approximation of personhood, but right now it needs work before it’ll be anyone’s baby."

—Lecturer of English Language and Literature Brian Strang on AI language model ChatGPT, Inside Higher Ed, Jan. 12, 2023
"A lot of people are so funny. They’ll say, ‘Oh, this [store is like] my childhood home,’ or ask me, ‘How did you get into my basement?’"

—Matthew Renoir (B.A., ’08), filmmaker and owner of specialty video store Be Kind Video My Burbank, Jan. 25, 2023