The Vic Rowen Coaching Universe

Coach Rowen and team

Vic Rowen

Head Coach, SF State, 1961 – 1989

Though not a name often mentioned on telecasts, the late Vic Rowen is recognized by football insiders to this day as an innovator and revered as a teacher. Both the ways he approached the Xs and Os and mentored student-athletes demonstrate a multigenerational impact on the game — all the way to the Super Bowl. His coaching universe is a partial list of the Gator assistants and alumni who served under Rowen and went on to winning coaching careers at the highest levels.
Andy Reid

Photo courtesy of Kansas City Chiefs

Head Coach, Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles 
Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach, SF State 

Mike Holmgren

Photo courtesy of Green Bay Packers

Head Coach, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks 
Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach, SF State 

Dirk Koetter

Photo courtesy of Washington State University Athletics

Head Coach, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
Offensive Coordinator, SF State 

Tom Melvin

Photo courtesy of Kansas City Chiefs

Tight Ends Coach, Kansas City Chiefs 
Graduate Assistant, SF State 

Gil Haskell

Photo courtesy of Don McPhail

Offensive Coordinator, Seattle Seahawks, Carolina Panthers 

Dan Ferrigno

Photo courtesy of Washington State University Athletics

Special Teams/Quality Control Coach, Washington State
Tight Ends Coach, SF State

Philip Ferrigno

Photo courtesy of Philip Ferrigno

Head Coach, Lincoln High School, San Francisco  

Quarterbacks Coach, St. Louis Rams/San Diego Chargers 
Assistant Coach, SF State 

Bob Toledo

Photo courtesy of ASUCLA Athletics

Head Coach, UCLA, Tulane University, UC Riverside 

Director of Player Engagement, Oakland Raiders 
Executive Director of Player Development, Kansas City Chiefs 
Assistant Coach, SF State 

Jim Sochor

Photo courtesy of UC Davis

Head Coach, UC Davis 
Assistant Coach, SF State 

Coaching staff: Jim Sochor, Bob Rodrigo, Vic Rowen, Allen Abraham

Photo courtesy of Allen Abraham

Assistant Coach, Columbia University 
Freshman Team Head Coach/Assistant Coach, SF State