Spring/Summer 2023

Athletes in a collage format. 2 Basketball players, a runner, a baseball player, a soccer player, and women's volleyball team.




Vitka Eisen

On Track, Giving Back

Though her life was once derailed by substance abuse, Vitka Eisen now leads the organization that saved her.

Vic Rowen with 2 football players

The Man with the Plan

Legendary coach Vic Rowen didn’t just change the lives of his players and assistants — he changed football.

Collage of athletes: Volleyball player, Track and field athletes and basketball players.

It’s How You Play the Game

Today’s SF State Athletics program racks up wins while emphasizing academics and belonging.



In Conversation with Ben Fong-Torres

Artwork of Ben Fong-Torres

SF State Magazine is proud to launch a new Q&A column with celebrated journalist, media personality and Gator Ben Fong-Torres having a meeting of the minds with ... himself. See how the conversation went.